Loch Ness Lifeboat

Yacht in bad weather

Yacht with two people on board calls for help as conditions worsen on Loch Ness.

Volunteer crew from RNLI Loch Ness were launched today to assist an eight metre sailing yacht after it's crew alerted HM Coastguard that they were in imminent danger of being driven onto the beach at Dores.

Not long after sailing from Dochgarroch and entering Loch Ness heading south west to Fort Augustus, the wind dramatically increased forcing the yacht back into Dores Bay. Unable to anchor due to the depth of the loch and with the yacht's engine out matched by the wind and strength of the waves HM Coastguard watch team in Aberdeen were alerted and the RNLI volunteers' pagers were activated.

Crew members Jamie MacPherson, Joy Cameron and Garry MacLeod launched RNLI lifeboat 'Thelma Glossop' just after 11am and rapidly made their way to the yacht.
Joy Cameron boarded the yacht in extremely challenging conditions and secured a tow line which enabled true yacht to be taken under tow to a safe mooring in Dochgarroch, where it was met by members of Inverness Coastguard team.

Ewan Cameron, RNLI Loch Ness Lifeboat Operations Manager says: ' The early call from the yacht to the Coastguard gave our lifeboat volunteers the best chance of preventing a bad situation getting much worse. We are extremely grateful to HM Coastguard in Aberdeen and to the Rescue Officers in Inverness for guiding and assisting us.'