Loch Ness Lifeboat

We have an Atlantic 75 Lifeboat which requires three people, a helm and two crew to operate. The helm is responsible for the boat and the crew and for the on-scene decisions taken during a rescue.

The crew are responsible for the majority of the tasks required to assist people such as casualty care and bringing a vessel under tow. All helms and crew receive training both at the station, under the direction of the Lifeboat Training Coordinator and at the Lifeboat College in Poole, Dorset. Everyone has to demonstrate they are competent to perform a wide range of duties and regularly receive assessments from divisional training staff who visit the station several times a year.

We also have shore crew who assist with getting the boat ready for launching, and after the rescue, recovery and refuelling. They also assist with many other station duties such as lifejacket checks and administration. They are invaluable when it comes to training scenarios and often act as casualties to help the crew practice their skills.

We currently have vacancies for new crew members and shore helpers, so if you live in or around Drumnadrochit and would like to find out more about what the role involves, please get in touch.